Soccer Topics


Soccer Technique

Exercise by Diego Pablo Simeone: sequence of passes with combinations between several players
Cognitive exercise to develop thinking aspects such as perception, analysis and decision making at speed
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Youth Soccer

In this popular game you train motor skills, strength, mobility and endurance that will affect the growth of the soccer player
Exercise to develop children's speed and agility
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Kids are often labeled as energetic, rowdy, distracted when in reality the problem could be the way we communicate and manage practices
Communication between the coach and the team is not a spontaneous process, it requires the right approach and constant effort
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What nutrients do young soccer players need? How can they be delivered in a manageable way?
What do young players need? Which are the most appropriate foods for their diet? The nutritionist’s suggestions.
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This brief text describes the striated skeletal muscle, i.e., the muscle that permits movement!
Cramps are quite frequent on soccer fields and affect both professional and amateur players: why do they occur and how can you deal with...
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Combination play

Offensive combination for the 4-3-3 formation with central attacker and the attack in depth from the two wingers
Game construction proposal for 4-2-3-1 system; short pass between the playmaker and the side player and penetrative pass for the striker
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