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Strength circuit - Barcelona FC

Strength circuit - Barcelona FC

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Strength circuit - Barcelona FC

Goal: Strength, Coordination skills, Aerobic power, Dribbling, Pass, Finishing, Shooting from long distance ground level

Coaching points:

  • The development of strength is very important and racing helps us prevent acid lactic from accumulating inside muscles, facilitating physical recovery and reducing stress
  • Do the whole circuit at a high rhythm
  • Choose the right moment to ask the player to go out
  • Focus on coordination while the player faces different parts of the circuit
  • During the shot at goall, player have to pay attention to the supporting foot, close and next to the ball
  • The foot that shots hast to hit the center of the ball with the instep
  • The player must keep their eyes on the ball
  • pen arms allow the player to have more stability

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