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Rondo with rotations inside and out

Rondo with rotations inside and out

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Rondo with rotations inside and out

Goal: Ball possession, Anticipation, Visual perception, First touch, Losing your marker, Pass, Receiving and shielding of the ball, Intercepting, Pass and move, Creating width and depth, Possession triangles

Coaching points:

  • Encourage players to move to get way from markers and to free as many passing lines as possible for the ball-holder. This drill helps creating triangles. It has an important cognitive load, because players must continuously choose how to get away from their markers connecting with the movements made by their team mates
  • Encourage mobility using the pitch width and the scaling for the team in ball possession
  • Encourage playing speed, high intensity and quality of ball transmission to avoid opponents' pressing
  • Work on the pressure-phase of the 3 defenders (red team): it should be well organized and intense

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