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Ball possession 8 vs 8 with oriented control

Ball possession 8 vs 8 with oriented control

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Ball possession 8 vs 8 with oriented control

Goal: Oriented Control, Peripheral vision, Aerobic power, Cognitive, Pass, Losing your marker, Intercepting, Pass and move, Creating width and depth, Possession triangles, Ball possession, Pressing, Transitions

Coaching points:

  • Observe the body movement of the player as he enters the triangle: it must be oriented so that during the way out no collision with an opponent will occur (correct position of the body in the run to get away from the marker, and in the oriented control)
  • Take advantage of the numerical superiority in the ball possession phase, trying to create more and more possible passing lines for the ball holder, using width and depth through continuous mobility
  • Encourage transition phases to surprise opponents through a quick recapture of the ball and a quick reorganization
  • Take care of intensity, speed and quality of passes, to avoid opponents' pressure transmitting the ball within free triangles
  • Capability of the players to associate triangle colors to their own possession phase or to their opponents possession phase (cognitive skills and quick processing)

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