With what objectives do I want to set up this sport season? How can I arrange them during the year? Which path do I create for my team?
These are some of the questions a coach will ask during the season. In other words: planning
The best way to set up a soccer season is to start by choosing the objectives to train during the whole season, then deciding how to schedule soccer practices, and lastly creating drills that suit a specific team of players.
Soccer is full of colors: the green of the field, the white of the goal, and then vests, markers, cones... and all the different jerseys and flags! But only our team's colors have a special place in our hearts
How does one set up a soccer practice? From where does one start choosing exercises? Which exercises does one need to include in a training session?
The most complicated (but also the most exciting) part of a coach's job is to create a methodology of our own. We already saw how to engage the staff  by creating and sharing drills, but it's not enough: You need t

It's easy with YouCoachApp! View your scheduled training sessions, monitor players attendance and review your training objectives during the season.

Engaging players and sharing the weekly schedule with them is very important both for individuals and for the group.
With YouCoach you can: Football and Digital
As a soccer coach, do you think it's better to rely on pen and paper for your work or to work with web applications and digital data?
Do you make backup copies of your work or do you trust your old paper notebook?
Scheduling your training sessions during the season is a sensitive task that requires a lot of focus. Having useful tools is really important: a calendar, an agenda... is there anything specifically created for soccer coaches? Sure, it's YouCoachApp!

During soccer season, as well as managing matches and managing training sessionsa soccer coach should monitor a lot of d