Ball possession

Ball possession in soccer is meant the action executed by two or more players that get to transmit the ball avoiding the interventions of opponents. In other words, during the game, each time a team dominated the ball we can say that team "possesses the ball".
At this point we have to make a simple but yet substantial difference between to be "possessing the ball" and "playing to possess the ball"; the first one refers to the fact that any player from the team completely dominates the ball and can execute any move, while the other is an strategic election of the team that wants to dominate the ball for a tactical issue.
The advantages of playing with ball possession in soccer could be: 
  • Make the opponent move towards the ball to move him away from the defense of their goal
  • Force the opponent to a constant change of position to then surprise him in the empty spaces that they has left 
  • Create the basis for an attacking action
  • Change the front of attack
  • Control the rhythm of the match
Each coach can add to this cast other motivations and advantages that come from the strategic election without forgetting that to be able to act in an efficient manner they needs from each player some essential tactical and technical concepts:
  • Capacity of transmitting the ball and particularly the pass
  • Capacity of receiving the ball and particularly of the oriented control
  • Capacity of defending the ball
  • Capacity of mobility of the players and particularly of unmarking 
  • Capacity of staggering on the available space creating lines and different passing depths
In the proposed exercises players can become familiar with multiple situations and get used to keep possession of the ball, improving technical and tactical aspects. In this context the coach can influence with individual or group corrections transmitting their philosophy in an efficient manner.