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Conditioned game : ball possession grid - Real Madrid FC

Conditioned game : ball possession grid - Real Madrid FC

  • Cones
  • Markers
  • Balls
  • 12 vests (8 reds, 4 yellow)
  • Playing area: 25x25 yards
  • Players: 20 (2 teamas of 8 + 4 neutral players)
  • Duration: 18 minutes
  • Number of series: 2 halves of 6 minutes each + 3 minutes of active recovery, with the ball
Summary Secondary Objectives
Conditioned game to develop ball possession in limited zones: possession triangles
Oriented control, Pass, Support

Arrange, with markers, a square, side 25 yards. Split it in 4 sectors all same size, thus shaping 4 more squares. Divide the players into 2 teams of 8 players (reds vs whites) + 4 neutral players (yellow vests). Inside each square a 2 vs 2 is played, while the 4 neutral players place themselves out side h side. The ball is played inside the big squadre when needed by the coach

  • The game starts when the coach thwows a ball inside one of the 4 smaller squares
  • Ball possession is played untill the ball gets out of the big square
  • If the ball gets out of the square, the coach immediately throws a new ball back in


  • In each of the 4 smaller square a 2 vs 2 ball possessione challenge is played
  • Neutral players move themselves along the exyternal side of the square without ever entering the square
  • Neutral players play togather with the team in ball possession
  • When 8 consecutive passes are achieved, one point is gained
  • If the ball possession last more then 10/15 seconds, one point is gained
  • If the players gat across all 4 smaller squares passing the ball to eachother, 2 points are gained
  1. Numbers of ball-contacts is unlimited
  2. You can limit trhe number of ball-contacts to 3 (for all players)
  3. Sizes of the 4 squares can increase or decrease
Coaching Points
  • Encopurage players to create triangles while they are in ball possession to obtain more passing-lines
  • Players must look at passing-chances before they recieve the ball 
  • Players must move constantly, to increase passing opportunities for their team mates
  • Neutral players outside the squadre must constantly move to create passing-lines options
  • Pay attention to distances among players
  • Take care of body orientation

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