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How to share your work with players: Engage with your team!

How to share your work with players: Engage with your team!

It's easy with YouCoachApp! Share your work with your players and keep them posted on their performance, training sessions and scheduled matches.
Engaging players and sharing the weekly schedule with them is very important both for individuals and for the group. We saw how important it is to engage your staff members and to share your work with your staff, but working good with the team is fundamental for the success of the season.
Have you ever thought that sharing your training session's drills the day before could be useful? And how do you keep your team up to date with upcoming events (soccer practices and matches) without getting lost between e-mails, messages and group chats? How long does it take you to collect attendance, statistics and evaluations for each player? 
We have the answer: it's easy with YouCoachApp!


To get your players involved in training sessions management and to keep them updated with drills and the events on the agenda you need to follow these few steps, all using one tool that has been designed for soccer coaches like you:


Get in touch with your soccer team

After giving access to your players, they will be able to use YouCoachApp directly from their smartphone and help by filling out their own personal profile data, or you could collect important information about their state of health and level of fatigue. Give players specific permissions and share with them important information, such as:

  • how to edit personal data;
  • the training sessions' schedule and the event calendar;
  • how to view evaluation forms about them; 
  • how to view a summary of their personal statistics. 

Players Permissions

The coach can decide which editing and viewing permissions to give to each player


Every player can have different permissions: you can choose who can view statistics and who can't. Team captain can read the attendance list but the player on loan can't... it's the coach who decides!


Player's profile on the mobile appStatistics on the mobile appEvaluation on the mobile app

YouCoachApp Mobile is designed to facilitate sharing: personal data, statistics, training sessions and evaluations... everything in one app!


Every player can access from their smartphone to all the app's features their coach has given permissions to read, edit, fill in. Also, they can answer pre- and post-workout/match questionnaires and enter data for Hooper and TLm


Collect important information directly from players

Pre-workout and pre-match questionnaires are important tools for monitoring the performance and fitness level trends of the team. With YouCoachApp you can create custom questionnaires and keep track of these elements during the whole season. Here is what you can do to make the most of these questionnaires: 

  • Enable questionnaires to make them active before or after every training session or match;
  • Customize them with open-ended or multiple-choice questions, as per your need, or you can use the preset template;
  • Consult the answers for each match or training session, for one player or the whole team, and confront them during time 



Choose which questionnaires to use and which to make available to your players 


Custom questionsAnswer questionnaires on the mobile app

You can create custom questions and engage with your players directly from the mobile app 


All data is filed and made available on the app, so you can monitor answers' trends during the season.


Questionnaires' statistics

Get detailed stats of each questionnaire (pre and post-match/workout) and monitor trends during the year


With the TLm feature you can collect Training Load and Hooper test data to evaluate the team's fitness level. Here is what players can do: 

  • Enter their Training Load directly from their smartphone
  • Answer Hooper questionnaire from their smartphone.


RPE youcoachappHooper youcoachapp

By collecting RPE and Hooper data, you will be able to constantly monitor your team's fitness level and performance


Locker room mode on the app


Now let's move on to training sessions. With YouCoachApp you can share training sessions and drills before a soccer practice, so you can give players a preview of the workout and engage the team. 


The soccer pitch is at your players' fingertips

As showed above, it's easy to share important data with players, but what's more important than the training session? With YouCoachApp you can share each scheduled training session and drill with your players, simply using YouCoachApp. Every player can view them on their smartphone.


Training session listShare training sessions

By clicking on one training session, it's possible to view the list of drills scheduled for that specific workout!


Engaging your players and sharing your work with them has never been easier! In the next article we'll see how to analyze and monitor the season to keep everything under control. 




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