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How to buy YouCoachApp

How to buy YouCoachApp

YouCoachApp, the app for soccer coaches

Buying the web app is quite simple and fast:

1 - Select Membership, you will find it in the menu of the homepage of YouCoach


2 - Choose the plan that adapts the most to you and click on Subscribe now



3 -  Verify the acquired products and the total of your shopping cart




4 - In case you own a discount code, use the space Coupon to add the code and click on Add coupon. Fill in the form with your data for a proper billing and click Continue to next step





6 - Verify the data and select the payment method that you want to use (Choose between bank transfer or PayPal)





Bank transfer option:

    •    Make the bank transfer to the mentioned bank details. You can access your product as soon as the operation is verified

PayPal option:

    •    You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can pay in a fast and safe way. You can access your product as soon as the payment is made. PayPal allows you to pay with CREDIT CARD too (For more information about Paypal click here)

Credit card option:

    •    To buy with the payment method of credit card just choose PayPal and continue with the purchase. Once in the PayPal registry web page click on "Don't have a PayPal account?" A form is displayed to add the credit card data and proceed with the payment





7 - Once the payment is done you will find the app YouCoachApp by clicking on the corresponding menu item in the homepage




For more information about purchasing our products you can write an e-mail to